Extra Income Ideas and Ways to Save for Parents

Extra Income Ideas and Ways to Save for Parents

Looking for extra income ideas and ways to save for parents? Read on for some suggestions.

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Making Extra Money

There are a few ways you can bring in extra cash without having to compromise on your time with the kids too much. Here are some suggestions.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of what I consider the easiest ways to earn extra cash for doing… not much of anything!
It’s hard to explain how you do matched betting, it’s basically utilising the free bets that bookies offer in order to guarantee financial gain, and there’s no risk of financial loss because it’s all so finely calculated. I always direct people in the direction of the Profit Accumulator website, as for me this was priceless for learning very thoroughly how it all works.

You get a free trial when you first sign up, so you’ll even be able to make a profit during the free trial in case you’re concerned about a paid subscription straight away.

I find putting in barely 30 mins in an evening can make me an extra £300-£400 a month… and that’s me barely putting in any time!

Definitely worth a go if you’re limited on time!

Selling your Unwanted Items/Re-Selling

You could consider giving your home a de-clutter and sell items you no longer want or need. Selling them online on websites and apps like eBay, Depop and Vinted can be a great way to boost your income and put money towards things like household bills, holidays or birthdays. Many people do this with their unwanted clothes or children’s bits that they have outgrown or don’t play with, but it’s also fun to dig through charity shops, car boots and FB Marketplace for cheap bundles that you can split and re-sell for a profit.

You could snap a few pictures on your phone and then upload them when you had a few minutes to write a description and set a price.

Mystery Shopping

Sign up to become a mystery shopper, and you could get paid to do your regular food shopping and eating out!

Online Surveys

While there isn’t a lot of money in completing online surveys, if you’re of the mindset that every little helps, then it’s a good way to slowly add in a little, just by using a bit of spare time here and there completing surveys. Often you can do this from your phone, which I think makes it even easier around the kids and a busy life.

Using Cashback Apps

Apps like Quidco and Top Cashback will pay you money for your regular shopping, purely through clicking through from their app before you checkout.

We renovated our kitchen and got £300 in cashback. THREE HUNDRED POUNDS that would have otherwise not have been seen, but we would have bought all of the products regardless!

Don’t underestimate how much money you can get back through cashback.

You can also receive large chunks of cashback for performing money saving searches and insurance searches through them too!

Changes you can make at Home to Save

There is no denying that taking a long hard look at your finances is never going to be a comfortable thing to do. Many people find discussing finances hard. No matter what your relationship and thoughts are towards money, taking control is one of the easiest ways to make more of your income. There are savings to be made and being a little savvier with the income coming in can massively boost the money you have to spend.

Making savings on your current outgoings

Often we can forget that our current outgoings don’t need to stay the same month in month out and it is healthy to check over them and ensure you are only paying out what is necessary.

Maybe you are paying a top price for a TV package you don’t use. Or you might be paying for a streaming service that doesn’t get watched. We can also be guilty of forgetting to cancel direct debits for monthly subscriptions or gym memberships we don’t use. Make a point of regularly checking your bank statements, and adjusting them accordingly.

It’s also worth using comparison websites to see if you could be saving on your household bills and insurances.

These small outgoings can really add up.

Take Control of the Food Shop

After your mortgage or rental payment, were you aware that your biggest bill and outgoing can be the cost of your food each week?

Some households and families go shopping once a week for their main shop, but may also head back to the store a few times during the week to top up.

Don’t forget those take-aways on the weekend and lunch costs while out and about and your overall spend on food can be astronomical.

However, if you plan things a little better, you can ensure that you keep the costs down and still have fun.

One of the best ways to do that would be to plan your meals. Take some time at the beginning of the week before you do your main shop, and plan out what you will eat for the week. It may sound boring, but doing this, along with writing a list of everything that you need can significantly reduce what you spend. It also takes out the stress of putting a meal together during the week, especially on busy evenings when the whole family may have a lot on.

It’s also worth considering Batch Cooking to save money.

Cashback and Coupons

I mentioned Cashback Apps above, but also remember that coupons can be a fantastic way to lower the costs of essential purchases too! Along with rewards cards like Boots Advantage card, Tesco Clubcard and Nectar Card, your coupons and card rewards can really add up to a significant saving.

Kids Birthdays/Neccessities

I did a whole post recently on how to work with a budget on kids birthdays, and a big part of that is considering buying second hand when kids want/need something. Check out the post for more information!

What I think is so important to remember when looking for ways to save an extra income potential is that every little helps.

Saving only 25p? Making only £3… all of the little amount add up, I promise you. Little by little you can build and save.

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