Ingenious Tips To Save Money On Christmas Dinner

It’s no exaggeration to say that our festive feast is one of the biggest highlights of the year of in the Johnson household, and we know for sure that so many other families feel the same. After all, is there anything better than getting together round the table with your loved ones, enjoying some good food, and celebrating another year together?

It’s no secret that it doesn’t come cheap though. You might have seen in the news this week that one woman decided to charge her family members £17 each for their meal. We love a bit of frugality, but that might be a step too far. There are plenty of ways to save money on Christmas dinner, and you definitely don’t have to compromise on taste or quality. Try these tips out for size…

Ditch that starter

Let’s be honest here… Do you really need a starter on Christmas day? You’ll no doubt have a hearty breakfast on the morning, followed by a few samples from the sweetie tin, and it’s so easy to overindulge unnecessarily. You almost definitely don’t need an expensive starter like smoked salmon!

Instead, focus on the main event. It’ll be much more affordable, there’ll be less wastage, and it’s also less stress to deal with on the big day.

Make that turkey go further by spreading it across additional meals

Turkey is such an underrated meat, and we enjoy it regularly in the Johnson household! It has a reputation for being dry, but when prepared with care and attention, it can be delicious.  To save money, consider buying a slightly bigger bird and using it in the following days.

You can make sandwiches, of course, but there are tons of other options too. This turkey and potato curry recipe is one of our go-to meals for Boxing Day!

Check your cupboards and pantry before you buy anything

If you’ve been around the budgeting block a couple of times, you’ll already know that you should never, ever go food shopping without having a list with you. It’s the fast track to spending money that you don’t really have, on stuff that you don’t really need. The exact same applies when it comes to Christmas. Before you head out to the supermarket though, check your cupboards.

You might already have flour in there to make your Yorkies. You may have the dried herbs you need to season your vegetables. They may only be little purchases, but these things can really add up. You’re likely to be very pleasantly surprised by what you find!

Consider doing your big Christmas food shop online

Supermarkets are incredibly stressful at this time of the year. They’re busy, and they’re also full of ‘offers’ and ‘special deals’ that can lure you in. If you’re buying stuff you don’t really need, it’s not an offer! This is why online shopping is such a good option.

If you’ve never ordered online before, make sure that you look out for coupon codes. There are always some kicking about that will see you making a great saving on your shop. This means less stress in the run up to Christmas, and more time at home with the family.

How do you manage your budget when it comes to cooking the festive dinner? We’d love to hear your tips and advice, so do leave a comment below!

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