How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

It’s a common complaint that eating healthy can be expensive.  If you’re watching your purse strings, then it can seem like the only real option that you have available is to pick up convenience food, and put your health and wellbeing on the back burner.

This really doesn’t have to be the case though. With some careful planning, and some savvy tools in your kit, there’s plenty you can do to ensure that you’re getting a satisfying, balanced diet, without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at how you can eat healthy even if you’re cutting down on your spending…

Prepare your meals from scratch whenever possible

Entire businesses and industries exist around the fact that we all like to be a little lazy from time to time. So many of us are tempted by a takeaway menu after a long week at the office, and even if you decide to pick up something ready made from the supermarket, you’ll often find that you’re paying a premium.

A great way to save money is to prep your meals from scratch. This way you won’t be paying extra just for the convenience, and there’s the added bonus of knowing exactly what’s going into your food. That almost always means less salt, sugar, and additives.

Cook in bulk and stock up your freezer

Time is usually an issue when it comes to cooking, and as a busy family with multiple commitments to juggle on a daily basis, we completely understand this struggle. A great solution is to batch cook your favourite foods and have portioned meals waiting in the freezer for you.

Good choices here and favourites in our house include curries, stews, chilli con carne, and pasta bolognese. These dishes are warm and comforting, but they can also be made low in calories when you’re in control of the ingredients that you use.

Don’t force yourself to buy things you don’t really like

So many people are guilty of this one when it comes to healthy eating! We think that being healthy must mean depriving ourselves, or eating things that we just don’t like. Food is wasted every single day purely because the buyer didn’t really want it when they made their purchase.

If you don’t like quinoa, don’t buy it. If you despise broccoli, keep it out of your shopping trolley. There will be healthy foods out there that you’ll really enjoy, and it’s just a case of finding what they are. Avoid spending your money on things you think you ‘should’ be eating.

Expand your culinary repertoire

When’s the last time that you experimented in the kitchen? Many of us are stuck in the same old routine, and end up making the same dishes time and time again. If you know this is you, why not make it your mission to shake things up a little? This approach can make healthy eating exciting, and it can give you more bang for your shopping buck.

We regularly try out Jamie Oliver’s healthy recipes, and we’ve been impressed with so many of them!

It’s really important to understand that your budget doesn’t have to stop you from eating a great diet. Get creative, try new things, and put these tips into action. It could have a massive impact on your purse, and your waistline!

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