About Us

Do you often find that you’ve got too much month at the end of your money?

Are you trying to balance your finances alongside a busy family life, and secretly suspect that you might be failing terribly?

Do you ‘put off’ thinking about your financial future, and tell yourself that everything will work out fine in the end – even though you know deep down that’s probably really not true?

If so, you’re not alone!

In fact, we’ve been exactly where you are right now, and it’s precisely why we started this blog.

We’re just a normal family, living in the UK, who decided that enough was enough. After burying our heads in the sand for far too long when it came to money, we decided that it was time to change.

Here on the blog is where we document our journey. Expect to learn everything we know about making money, saving money, and managing money – including a few mistakes along the way!

Interested in working with us?

Do you have a product or a service that you think could be a great fit for our money savvy readers? If so, feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibility of collaborating. We offer a range of packages for the right brands, including sponsored content, giveaways, and content creation.